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Oklahoma Compounding Pharmacy

Oklahoma Compounding Pharmacy

Oklahoma Compounding Pharmacy

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The Apothecary Shoppe is in Oklahoma compounding pharmacy that started in 1995 and currently has three locations throughout the state. We are conveniently located for patients and we continually grow as one the number one compounding pharmacies here in the state. We specialize in customizing medication for patients and are trusted by some the top physicians here in Oklahoma. Our customer service is outstanding and we continue to build a relationship with patients who are looking for more than just another pharmacy. For more information give us a call at 918-665-2003 or simply visit us online to find out why patients trust us.

Customer service is always the number one priority. We believe in building relationships with each of our patients to form that foundation of trust that will last throughout the years. This is why were one of the number one Oklahoma compounding pharmacies here in the state. We believe in connecting with our patients so that we can truly understand what they need and how we can customize it for them. Our goal is that you would have confidence in our staff and no never going to provide you with a high grade prescription done by the book. Each staff members trying to be friendly and courteous towards every customer that walks through our door or gives a call.

Safety is our number one priority here at the Oklahoma compounding pharmacy. We want all of our patients to have the confidence knowing that their prescription is done according to the policies and the procedures 100%. We never one’s to have any doubt that there making the right decision trusting us with their prescription and altering it according to their needs. We get you your prescriptions on time and ensure that everything is accurate. We want you to have a great customer service experience every time and we also provide personal consultations if you need them.

By using the state-of-the-art equipment and the finest materials will always receive the medication that you need. Most patients who come to us are having difficulty taking their current education because of the way it taste, the texture or even the way they have to take. For instance, some patients are deathly afraid of injection while others have trouble swallowing tablets. This is not a problem for our Oklahoma compounding pharmacy. We can convert those tablets into another form that is easier to take and more appealing to the patient. We can also provide you with medication that is no longer sold on the shelves anywhere else.

Accuracy is very important. We pride ourselves in providing medication that follows the strict policies and procedures that are laid out by the medical institutions. The Apothecary Shoppe is also sterile and clean as well as equipped with a well trained staff who has the experience and the background necessary to customize medication. Your safety and health is our number one concern throughout the entire process and relationship with our pharmacy. If you’re ready to pick up your prescription, a customized prescription, give us a call today for your personal consultation.

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This content was written for The Apothecary Shoppe

The Apothecary Shoppe is located here in Oklahoma and first opened its doors in 1995. The goal of The Apothecary Shoppe was not only to be a pharmacy but to be in Oklahoma compounding pharmacy. We wanted to help both doctors and patients find the medications that were specific to the individual needs of people. With the state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained staff, we have become one of the number one choices for patients and doctors all across the state. You can trust The Apothecary Shoppe to put out the medications that are right for you on time and every time. Give us a call today at 918-665-2003.

The Apothecary Shoppe believes in following the strict policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our patients. Our number one goal is safety and getting the right medication to the right patient. Our goal is to have accuracy with every medication that we customize according to the specifics given by the doctor or by the patient. We use high-grade materials and ingredients to formulate each prescription that we are given. You’ll find The Apothecary Shoppe is clean and sterile 100% of the time. This is a place that you can trust is going to customize the correct medication and do it in a safe way.

We understand that medication can sometimes be a chore to take every single day. Our goal is that patients feel safe and are living a life of health and wellness by having medication that is easy for them to take. We’ve talked to patients who are afraid of injection while others are unable to swallow tablets. The matter what the issue is with your current medication, our Oklahoma compounding pharmacy can alter the medication so that it’s easier to take and customized according to your specific needs. We can turn tablets into powder form and we can do away with injection altogether by providing another alternative way of taking your prescription.

We make sure to get everything done on time. You never have to wait on your prescription here at The Apothecary Shoppe. Everything is done on time and in an accurate manner so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We understand that you already stressed out about taking your medication and we don’t want to add to that stress. We want to make sure you can trust our staff to get things done on time and to answer any questions that you might have about your medication if a concern arises. We make you feel safe and secure by using our Oklahoma compounding pharmacy.

Our goal is to be not only great pharmacist a good people. Good people listen to their patients and understand exactly what it is they are saying. Communication is key especially when it comes to compounding prescriptions medications for patients. Our staff is not only trained in compounding and customizing but also in customer service. We want you to feel safe, secure and confident in our ability to put out a medication that’s going to keep you on the track of health and wellness. We understand that you’re putting your life in your health in our hands and this is not a responsibility we take lightly. We do everything we can to ensure your safety down to the very last ingredient of your prescription.