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Ask a Pharmacist

I have heard a lot about Compounding Pharmacies lately, what is compounding?

Compounding combines most current medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology in order to create medications that are specifically designed to fit a patient’s medical needs.  Because of compounding, we are able to  turn capsules into liquids for patients that cannot swallow pills, and make medications that have been discontinued. Compounding solves problems.

Is compounding expensive?

The cost of a compounded medication depends on the ingredients, the equipment,  and the time it takes to make it. It also varies if insurance is involved.

What kinds of medications can be compounded?

The list endless!  Every medication is customized for each patient and is different based on the dosage and delivery methods.  A few of the medication we compound include: pediatrics, geriatrics, pain management, dental, ophthalmic, otic, dermatology, neuropathy, sports medicine, infertility, podiatry, wound care, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, gastroenterolgy, and veterinary.

Does insurance cover compounded medications?

If you provide our pharmacist with your drug insurance card and your prescription, we can tell you if your covered for the compounds.

Do all doctors know how to write for a compounded medication?

It depends on the doctor but most of the time no.  Our team is more than happy to provide your doctor with information about compounding if need be.  Our team is here to help in any way possible.

I am interested in BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, what is my next step?

We offer BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Consultations. We will discuss the benefits of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in the human body. We can also recommend to your physician to develop a medication that will help relieve your hormonal symptoms.

Are Bio-Identical Hormones better than Synthetic Hormones in the treatment of menopause?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!  Bio-Identical Hormones are replicas to hormones all ready in your body.  Bio-Identical Hormones are easily metabolized by our bodies.  And compounded Bio-Identical Hormones can be customized to meet the need of each woman so no patient has to rely on a ‘one size fits all’ commercially available products.

My doctor recently diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism and started me on levothyroxine, but I have not noticed any improvement in the way I feel. Are there any alternative treatments?

The answer is yes. What does hypothyroidism mean? It means that you have a low level of thyroid hormone in your body. This is baseline hormone of your metabolism.  It helps your body hold energy, heat, and effects other hormone systems. Thyroxine (T4), inactive thyroid hormone, and Triiodothyronine (T3)  are two forms of thyroid homorne that your body produces. The thyroid gland makes T4 and the rest of your body converts T4 to T3.

Can my prescription be shipped to me?

Yes! We do offer shipping, however, restrictions to apply. Please contact us for rates, and ways to reduce this charge utilizing our “Autofill/Autoship” program. Fees are subject to change due to temperature changes and requirement of ice packing.