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Cholesterol | Allergy

Cholesterol | Allergy

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Hi, I’m Kyle Panter. I’m the Vice President of Innovation for The Apothecary Shoppes and I want to talk to you about a frequently asked question I get all the time. Kyle, “What kind of over-the-counter supplements can I take to help with my cholesterol?” Specifically I get these questions from patients that are on a statin medication or they used to be on a statin medication but they can’t take it anymore because it causes terrible side effects like muscle pain, weakness, et cetera.

Well the good news is we have a great product. We’ve carried it for years and it’s this one right here. It’s called Poli-Chol Red. The great thing about this is it’s all natural. It contains two ingredients. One is called policosanol which is a substance found in beeswax or sugar cane wax and the other one is called red rice yeast. It’s a natural product that helps to lower your bad cholesterol. It raises your good cholesterol. It also lowers triglycerides which are also known as the hidden cholesterol.

If you’re interested and you want to help lower your cholesterol and you want to do it in the natural, come talk to one our staff or pharmacists at The Apothecary Shoppe, Tulsa Pharmacy, about Poli-Chol Red. Thanks.

Hi, I’m Kyle Panter. I’m the Vice President of Innovation with The Apothecary Shoppes. I want to talk to you about frequently asked question I receive all the time.

Kyle, what over-the-counter supplement can you recommend for someone who seems to have a lot of allergy problems? Specifically people that have trouble taking say Zyrtec or Claritin or Allegra, any of those, supposedly nonsedating antihistamines, that still tend to make you sleepy and drowsy.

The good news is we have a great product. It’s this one right here. It’s called Quercetin Plus. Quercetin is all natural product. It’s a very potent antioxidant and antihistamine, and so literally it will help you fight those allergies without making you sleepy, dizzy, drowsy, and so and so forth

If you have those type of issues and you need some help finding the Quercetin Plus, definitely come by The Apothecary Shoppe, ask one of our staff, they will be glad to help you. Thanks.

Hi. I’m Kyle Panter. I’m the vice president of innovation for the Apothecary Shoppes, and I want to talk to you about a frequently asked question I get all the time. It’s, “Kyle, what kind of over the counter supplement do you recommend for someone, whether it’s a child or whether it’s an adult that suffers with ADD or ADHD.” I get this question from a lot of concerned parents and grandparents. They’re concerned about using certain medications in their children. They want to know, is there anything we can offer to help these kids succeed in the classroom. The good news is, there is.

It’s this product right here. It’s called Apothecary Cognitive Plus. The neat thing about it is, it’s an all-natural supplement. It’s in a capsule. The great thing is, you can actually open the capsules and dissolve them in, say, sugar free Crystal Light or sugar free Kool-Aid to help the child swallow it if they can’t swallow the capsules themselves.

I’ve read some great studies about it. It’s getting some really good results, using it in children to help them improve their behavior in class. It definitely can help them increase their focus capability. It’s good for adults, as well.

If you have any questions or if you have any issues or you know someone that has issues with ADD or ADHD, and they’re looking for an over the counter supplement to help, I’d recommend come talk to us about Apothecary Cognitive Plus. Thanks.

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