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Medication for You

Medication for You

Medication for You

This content was written for The Apothecary Shoppe

Medication does not have to be a challenge. Here at The Apothecary Shoppe we make taking your medication and finding your medication a simple task. The Tulsa pharmacy has been open since 1995 and provides three convenient locations for those living in the city. No matter what experience you’ve had in the past with other pharmacies or what you’re looking for, The Apothecary Shoppe is here to over exceed your expectations to service, product and patient care. Give us a call today to find out of where the right stop for you when it comes to compounding and customized medicine.

As a Tulsa pharmacy our number one goal is the patient. It is always been the patient and it will always be the patient. Our goal is to make sure that every client feels comfortable and confident in our ability to provide them with what they need. Every patient is different and their individual needs to something we look very closely at before mixing are compounding their medication. Most Tulsa pharmacies provide you with what they have over-the-counter. But here at The Apothecary Shoppe we customize and we compound until we have a right.

Most people do not like taking medication. Which is why we go out of our way to make sure that every single medication that we provide is appealing to its user. If you have to take medication it only makes sense to have it in a form and the taste that’s going to be right for you. We go out of our way to sort to the details of what you like and what is the easiest way for you to take thus medication. This is why we pay attention the details and as a Tulsa pharmacy pay attention to the patient.

Is also important for us to provide a way for children to take their medicine without a fight. Parents get so frustrated trying to get their child to take their medication but are having trouble with the infant yielding. This is why we provide flavoring and other means of getting the child to take their medicine. Our goal is to make sure that your child is healthy and getting the dose that they need to stay away from risk. So as a compounding Tulsa pharmacy, we have several different options to make sure that your child can take his or her medicine.

The Apothecary Shoppe makes things easy. We make finding medication, taking medication and receiving medication a simple task. It shouldn’t be a hard or complicated thing when you have professionals working for you. We are on your side and always looking for new ways to improve upon our customer service. For any patient who is looking for customized medication, there’s only one place to go in the city of Tulsa.

Providing Patients with What They Need

This content was written for The Apothecary Shoppe

Specializing in compounding and customized medication since 1995, this Tulsa pharmacy is the number one choice for patients looking for something a little different. Over the years we have built our family out of patients who are looking to be treated as individuals and making sure that their medication was unique specifically to them. Nobody likes taking medicine but it makes it a lot easier when the medication is customized according to your exact needs. Do it right The Apothecary Shoppe and give us a call today to get started.

What is compounding. Compounding is the ability to customize a specific medication according to a patient’s needs and their individuality. Every single person is different. Their medical needs are different and the way that they take medicine is different. We cater to that as your Tulsa pharmacy. We go out of our way to look up your medical history and see what is the easiest way for you to take medication. And then we do it. Taste, color, type and dose are all pulled into account when customizing your medicine.

Another reason why The Apothecary Shoppe is so popular among patients just like you is our customer service. We believe in connecting with every single patient so that we get to know them and get to know their tendencies that we can better serve them in the future. It’s all about relationship a connection for us. That is the core foundation of who we are as a company and why we continue to be one of the number one choice is for a Tulsa pharmacy. Patient absolutely love our customer service and the end result of the product that we provide.

Do you have children? No problem. Not only do we customize for patients who are in their adult years but we also cater to children. It is not a mystery that children for the most part do not like taking their medication. But why? It looks awful? It tastes terrible? These could be only a few reasons of why child is knowledge take their medication. But here at The Apothecary Shoppe we make a that medication more appealing for children by customizing to their needs, their wants and the easiest way for them to take it.

We want you to have what you need. We want you to have the medication is get a help you get through the day and help you live a normal life. There’s no reason why you should have to drive all around town trying to find that tablet or that powder that seems to have disappeared. When you come to The Apothecary Shoppe we have an easy to fill out subscription form and a team of highly trained staff members who can help you every step of the way.